Transform your business with proper planning and support.

Whitener Business Solutions offers consultation and courses to start-ups and entrepreneurs that need help in the following areas: Website Design, Business Plans, Forecasting, Pitch Decks, and Digital Strategies.

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Master your business with our Scribe Curriculum

We have 4 different classes in Business Plan Writing, Forecasting, Pitch Decks, and Digital Strategies.

The program is delivered via in-person and online with live sessions, course workbooks, downloadable content, and inter-active work.

All assignments are designed for students to work towards building real-life business documents.

Learn the essentials for your business

Our solutions provide an affordable fee structure, monthly payment options, financing options, and affordable tuition.

Let us guide you through and streamline your processes and your path to a successful business strategy.  

We solve problems you did not know you had.  Our business solutions will guide you on your new found journey as a start-up and an entrepreneur.

Let us take away the anxiety of not knowing!

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​Hybrid classroom [online or in-person]

Prepare your business for success through proper business planning! Our low cost courses are for entrepreneurs with a clear & concise business idea or a recently launched new business.  You will create working business documents and plans that can be used for loan applications, investors, and more.

Business Plan Writing

12 week hybrid class writing a business plan section by section with one-to-one support and mentoring.


12 week hybrid  course building working documents of forecasted financials and budgets, to strategize an efficient profitable plan.

Digital Strategies

6 Week Course hybrid course understand target markets, branding, social media management, competition, geographic presence.

Preparing to Pitch

6 Week Course hybrid course pitch deck preparation, one pager, elevator pitch and presentation video for investors and lenders.

End-to-end assistance and support

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